15 August 2009

Sugar Showpieces or: Not My Brightest Week

It's amazing how lacking the talent to blow a proper apple or pear from sugar has the potential to cause a complete meltdown. I came close to that this week, but by Friday, after only a few blisters to speak of, I finally began to get the hang of it (see a literal sugar meltdown at right... or maybe it's a Smurf...). Sadly, the fruit isn't represented on my piece because the green and yellow color I sprayed my pear looks horrible with the colors of my bases and flower. C'est la vie.

On Monday we began pulling roses with sugar. The initial goal was to build flower with six petals, and by Tuesday we upped the petal count to 11. Wednesday and Thursday were spent attempting to blow fruit, birds, you name it.

six (orange) and 11-petal (blue) flowers, respectively

Pulling a flower and blowing a piece of fruit will be part of our upcoming exam, along with a miniature chocolate piece and various chocolate candies. Until I can report on that, here are some pictures of my sugar showpiece, which I don't quite detest as much as I thought I would, though the humidity levels have already caused it to wilt...


  1. I think those are pretty good considering a lot of people would have no idea on even where to start with sugar sculpting!!! I heard those sugar burns are extremely painful, so make sure you stay safe :)

  2. Very impressive!