27 September 2009

Like a Kid in a Candy Store...

What's less stressful than plated desserts? Sugar candies. Chef John noted the obvious on day one: we'd basically be staring at boiling pots all week. So many treats were created, though, and overall it was a really fun week. Here are some pictures of various goodies...

lavender marshmallows

clockwise from upper-left: apricot-passion fruit pate de fruit, raspberry-ginger hard candies, lime lollipops, cassis (black currant) pate de fruit, lemon-ginger pastilles, lime pastilles, raspberry gums (translation: fruit snacks)

from left: nougat (with toasted almonds and pistachios), chocolate nougat, traditional French pralines (toasted almonds coated multiple times in sugar), caramels, chocolate caramels

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