26 February 2010

Four Course Lunch at Del Posto

Today my friend Michael and I decided to go crazy and check out the three-course, prix fixe lunch menu at Del Posto. It's snowing, and few are roaming the streets, but one can only be trapped indoors for so long. So we went... and it was fantastic.

After learning the course options were antipasti, primi or secondi, and dolce, and not wanting to miss out on pasta (all of which is made from scratch, in-house), we decided to up the three-course meal to four, bringing any thoughts of further restaurant exploration during the next couple of weeks to a screeching halt. The rationalization: when are we ever going to be able to eat here again? I can live on hummus, tomatoes, crackers, and boxed macaroni and cheese for awhile pretty easily. And if I end up getting whiny about it, I'll just remind myself how delicious this meal was...

primi assaggi
mortadella in pastella
saffron suppli with edible gold leaf

bread basket
salted grissini
lightly-oiled ciabatta
olive focaccia
mini baguette
...all housemade and served warm, with butter and whipped lardo

CARNE CRUDA with truffled salsa, parmigiano-reggiano, and shaved porcini
seared LAMB tenderloin with sea cucumbers mare e monte

ORECCHIETTE with lamb neck sausage, cherry peppers, and broccoli rapini
del posto AGNOLOTTI dal plin with parmigiano-reggiano

cioppino with SCALLOP carpaccio
grilled PORK ode to emilia-romagna with sunchoke crema and lambrusco

SFERA di caprino with celery and fig agrodolce and celery sorbetto
CHESTNUT cake with warm plum macedonia, crushed chestnuts, and yogurt gelato

chocolate-covered olive oil gelato pop, sprinkled with salted breadcrumbs
warm bomboloni filled with orange cream
chocolate-covered honeycomb
candied, dehydrated grapefruit with caramel sauce and amaretti crumbs


  1. Oh wow, I wish I could have been there! That sounds amazing! (Did you go with Michael Jou?)

    Pete and I went to the Bristol the other night for dinner, and I thought of you (we had the best duck confit).

  2. i still melt a little when i think of that monkey bread...

    i did go with michael jou. his days off from per se are friday and saturday, so i hope when my schedule finally gets figured out we'll still be able to arrange a once-weekly food outing. (except the next few are going to have to be on-the-cheap, for sure.)

  3. That sounds amazing (and glad you are blogging!) but I am not sure I would be as up for celery in my dessert...lol!

  4. holy lord that sounds amazing. thanks for sharing!