12 December 2009

Exam IV Recap, Future Plans

Well, that's it. With the exception of preparing our graduation buffet, we're finished. I've been feeling very uneasy about reaching this point, but late this week I finally began to hear back from some NYC restaurants I have contacted with regard to available pastry cook positions. After taking the largest sigh of relief of all time, I now feel better about school coming to an end, and am planning a trip to NYC to do some trailing.

For our fourth and final exam, we were required to present the following to Chef Laura:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (chocolate biscuit, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse, chocolate mirror glaze)

  • Pithivier (puff pastry, almond cream filling)

  • Buttercream cake (chocolate biscuit layered with buttercream, with piping)

  • Gum Paste Flower Bouquet (two roses, two carnations, one set of leaves)

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