22 April 2010

No. 7 Sub

No. 7 Sub is a recently-opened sandwich shop in the Flatiron District. Though in the same building as the Ace Hotel, its entrance is very discreet... until you see the line of people waiting to place their orders. I've learned that people eat lunch later than noon in NYC, so if you can make it before 1:00 or so, you're golden. Not that several of the sandwiches aren't worth waiting for - they are.

Today for lunch I had the braised lamb sub, with peanut butter, mint jelly, romaine, and papadam. It was delicious.

I was also sure to try a black-and-white cookie, which is my favorite cookie on the planet ("...and yet somehow racial harmony still eludes us."). The cashier let me know they were also selling caramel black-and-whites on this particular day, so naturally I also had to try one of those. Their traditional b&w is in fact untraditional in that the cookie is actually chocolate rather than vanilla. This is good - everyone loves chocolate, right? The caramel version was also great - the perfect salty bite in a sweet cookie.

The menu at No. 7 Sub changes frequently, so I'll have to make it back soon. The earlier in the day, though, the better: when they run out of bread that's it for the day.

On a somewhat related topic: I just found this (horrible cell phone) picture of a huge batch of b&w cookies I made several years ago. I was serious when I said they're my favorite. :)

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