20 November 2009

Entremets (Cakes)

My temporary burnout has ended, thanks to Chef Dimitri Fayard of Chicago's Vanille Patisserie. In France, a layered mousse cake is called an entremet, and over the past couple of weeks I have learned the differences between several mousses with regard to texture, flavor, and ingredients, as well as how to successfully construct various layered cakes. Each cake we made contained a minimum of three components - sometimes more - and they were each built over the course of a couple of days. Besides the cakes from our books, we were fortunate enough to have enough time to make two cakes that Chef Dimitri sells in his bakery. We also made puff pastry from scratch to construct a Pithivier - an intricately-decorated French cake that gets its shape and pattern designs from the use of a blade. We filled the Pithivier with frangipane, and made apple turnovers with our leftover puff pastry scraps. Nearly everything from this course was absolutely delicious. See below for pictures and details...

Nougat Mousse Cake:
pistachio dacquoise
passion fruit and apricot gelee
nougat mousse
clear glaze
Hazelnut Chocolate Cake:
hazelnut dacquoise sprinkled with caramelized hazelnuts
chocolate biscuit
chocolate mousse
hazelnut mousse
chocolate mirror glaze
Coconut Passion Cake:
coconut dacquoise
candied pineapple
coconut mousse
passion fruit mousse
clear and colored glaze
Raspberry Silk Cake:
almond dacquoise
raspberry gelee
hazelnut crunch
white chocolate diplomat mousse
puff pastry
Apple Turnovers:
puff pastry
apple compote
Chef Dimitri's Sophia Cake:
flourless chocolate biscuit
craquant praline
vanilla cremeux
chocolate mousse
chocolate glaze
Chef Dimitri's Chocolate Caramel Cake:
streusel / streusel crisp
caramel cremeux
chocolate caramel mousse
dark chocolate glaze

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  1. Hi there, my name is Nicole Betourney, and I too just graduated from FPS. I saw on your blog that you made the Sophia cake. My stream did too, and I was wondering if you still had the recipe. Mine is missing, and I would really like to make it for my parents this christmas. If you wouldn't mind emailing it to me that would be wonderful. Here is my email address..
    nicolebetourney@yahoo.com. Thanks for your help.