26 November 2009

Gum Paste Flowers

Happy Thanksgiving! Finding myself surprisingly conscious after going to bed two hours later than usual and waking up an hour earlier than usual, I thought I'd use the airport downtime before my flight to Kansas City to post some pictures from this week's gum paste extravaganza.

Day One: buds for daisies, carnations, roses, orchids, and lilies

Day Two: roses, daisies, carnations, orchid and lily buds

Day Three: orchid throats, blossoms, daisies, carnations, roses; rose leaves, orchid and lily petals

Day Four: lilies and orchids

We also coated the base and first layer of our "dummy" cake (Styrofoam) with fondant. By the end of next week we will have added another two layers to the cake and constructed a centerpiece using some of our gum paste flowers.

Enjoy the holiday, everyone! I'm sincerely looking forward to some quality time with friends and family.

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